This is all the comic work that I feel comfortable showing off on my site. There's some longer comics and some one-shots. The projects have their own little sections. I'm beginning to focus more on longer-format stories, but I still squeeze out a short, self-contained one on occasion. New stories are posted when I'm able, so be sure to check back!
                            Recent Stories
     Ghostly · October 2008
                This is my second official 24-hour comic, which I think came out a little better than the year before. It has something resembling a plot and a theme. It's presented here along with time labels and the notes I took as I was in the process of drawing it, so you can map the gradual unraveling of my mind.
     The Tourist and the Frog · June 2008
                I slapped this comic together and printed a small run of them myself in, no lie, three days flat. That's thumbnails to finished pages to a box full of folded, stapled mini-comics. These were given out and sold at conventions in the summer and fall of 2008. It's my own little fractured fairy tale. And there's trees in it. Who could have ever predicted?
     UrbEx: A 24-Hour Comic · October 2007
                This was my first successful attempt at a 24-hour comic, for the official event in 2007. I drew mine with a bunch of other kids at MCAD, and it was a lot of fun. Horrible, grueling fun. I should warn you, though, this comic makes no sense at all. I claim no responsibility for any deep meaning you may get from reading it.
     Egg Head · June 2007
                Just a sweet little story I originally printed and gave out as a mini-comic. (If you have a copy, congratulations. Only 100 were printed.) It's an idea I had in my head for well over a year before finally drawing it. I almost guarantee that it's not what you'll be expecting from the title.
                    Guest Comics
Once Upon a Time · drawn for Anders Loves Maria by Rene Engström
               I drew this in a nostalgic mood for the early days of ALM. I missed people not being horrible to each other. Consequently, it's a little sappy.
The Vision · drawn for Nothing Better by Tyler Page
               A true tale of college, starring me! Yes, this happened. Yes, it was freaky. Please do not e-mail me explaining what it was. I know.
A Time for Love · drawn for Girly by Josh Lesnick
               Since Autumn and Chuy are basically my favorite characters in Girly, I drew a silly comic about them as a couple. Please note: I love Wikipedia and use it often.
Zimmy's Eye Exam · drawn for Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
               I went through like five ideas before I came up with this one. I'm pretty sure Zimmy's eyes are hellmouths. Please enjoy my little background jokes!
                            The MCAD Years
How to Be a Superhero · October 2004-March 2005
                A story with my recurring character Murphy, which was actually a re-do of an earlier comic. I was trying to do a really polished nice job, so it took FOREVER to finish. Some things turned out nice, but there's a lot of awkwardness to it. I try not to stress over every single little detail like that anymore. Try.

ZGRULLS vs. BING BANG BOOM · spring 2005
                This is actually a collaboration between myself and my former classmates Barbara Guttman, Rana Raeuchle, and Anna Bratton. I did the cover and the first page, and they did the rest, respectively.

Raccoon #1 · spring 2005
                The premise was to make a mini-comic using animals as a metaphor for a life dilemma, so this is pretty much where I was that particular week. I meant to continue this in a series as the little raccoon went on her journey, hence the #1. Guess that never happened. Just assume she got hit by a truck. A metaphoric truck.

The Bleeding Tree · February 2005
                This was a mini-comic, but I put a lot of extra work into it. It's based (from memory) on a story from the book Lilith's Cave. I'd really like to redraw it at some point, for various reasons, and have serious plans to do so. I just need a good excuse.

I Should be Sleeping Right Now · fall 2003
                I was sleep deprived, and a mini-comic was due for class the next day. This resulted. Warning: very crudely drawn.

Roommates · August 2003
                I drew this based loosely on my experiences with my roommate at the time. Maybe showing her as a cave troll would have been more accurate, but zombies are cool, right? Right?

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