Here are a few rough page layouts, from a technique I tried at the beginning. It wasn't very helpful to me. My technique was too loose, I think.

Some sketchbook doodles I did to psych myself up before I really dove into the work. As noted, I was planning on making the comic art sketchier than I did.

This was my only bit of development for Bayou Boy before I drew his bit in the comic. I was fond of the design. Too bad he's such a dick.

And I couldn't resist making a little joke out of Bayou Boy's powers. For some reason, plant-based powers have such dirty possibilities.

One of the panels on page 12 ended up so retardedly drawn that I had to re-draw it and do a digital paste-up. Here's a comparison with the fixed version.

When Jon and I made our proposal for Image to publish "Josh & Imp," I went and made this little B&W cover mock-up. I'm sort of sad I never did a finished one.

"Josh & Imp" is copyright to its creators, 2004-2008.