A little about this project...
I've been collecting Nightcrawler sketches since 2004. Why Nightcrawler? Well, for a few reasons:
  • He's my favorite superhero.
  • He's well-known and well-liked but not over-exposed.
  • He's iconic and easy to draw.
  • He was what came to my head when I asked for the first sketch.
I've collected lots of drawings, and I love sharing them just about as much as I love collecting them. I decided to put them all online to be able to share them better and give public credit and thanks to everyone who's contributed. I sincerely appreciate every single picture. Collecting these over the years has been not only fun, but a great way to meet new people and share a common affection for art and (in most cases) a cool character.

So please enjoy the fruits of my labors. The real credit goes to the individual artists, of course, all of whom I've done my best to document and include with the sketches themselves. Please contact them for info on commissions and such. For info on the collection itself -- for instance, if you'd like to contribute -- please feel free to contact me.

Nightcrawler was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum and is a trademark of Marvel Comics Group, Inc.