the artist

The artist in her natural state.

This is obviously a comic based on my ridiculous, boring, dumb, hopefully amusing life. I spend half my time in my head, though, so don’t expect everything depicted to be 100% verifiable or even remotely true. (You’ll just have to use your best judgment on that.) It has no regular update schedule. However much I can post is subject to the actual things going on in my life. But when I do post, I’ll try to make sure it’s something worth reading.

That said, I completely understand if this comic isn’t your cup of tea. Might I recommend an actual cup of tea? Very good for you, you know.

My life, and therefore the comic, takes place in and around the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mostly. I have an art portfolio site for you to peruse, as well as another, stranger but more reliable, webcomic called The Intrepid Girlbot. I love when people check both those places out.

If you’d like to get a hold of me, the best ways are to either message me on Twitter or e-mail me.